Jacob Bernoulli
Jacob Bernoulli's father, Nicolaus Bernoulli (1623-1708) inherited the spice business in Basel that had been set up by his own father, first in Amsterdam and then in Basel. The family, of Belgium origin....  it follows
William R. Hamilton
William Rowan Hamilton's   father, Archibald Hamilton, did not have time to teach William as he was often away in England pursuing legal business. Archibald Hamilton had not had a university education   ... it follows
Francis Y. Edgeworth
Francis Ysidro Edgeworth came to study statistics after an education in ancient and modern languages. He entered Trinity College, Dublin at the age of 17 and studied French, German, Spanish and Italian.   ...  it follows
René Thom
René Thom is known for his development of catastrophe theory, a mathematical treatment of continuous action producing a discontinuous result.  From 1931 Thom attended the Primary School ... it follows
Benoit Mandelbrot    
Benoit Mandelbrot  was largely responsible for the present interest in fractal geometry. He showed how fractals can occur in many different places in both mathematics and elsewhere in nature.  ... it follows
William P. Hamilton
William P. Hamilton, although just in the prime of life, has made his way to the front ranks among the energetic planters of this parish, and owing to the attention he has always paid to each minor  ...   it follows

William P. Hamilton, although just in the prime of life, has made his way to the front ranks among the energetic planters of this parish, and owing to the attention he has always paid to each minor detail be has accumulated a fair share this world's goods. He was born in Schuyler County, MO., in 1843, being the second of nine children born to William A. and Malinda (Lay) Hamilton, both of whom were born in Grainger County, Tenn., the birth of the former occurring 1820, and his wife's, some five or six years later. They were reared and married in their native State, and from there, at an early day, they moved to Schuyler County, Mo., thence to Decatur, Iowa, during the war, and are still making their home in that county, being worthy citizens and earnest members of the Baptist Church. Mr. Hamilton is a farmer, and his father, William Hamilton, was also a worthy and successful tiller of the soil. The latter was born in Tennessee, and died in Decatur County, Iowa. The mother's father, John Lay, was also a Tennesseean and passed from life in Schuyler County, Mo., prior to the war. William E. Hamilton received the advan- tages of the common schools in his youth, and possessing a strong desire to become a well-in- formed man, he made the most of the opportunities offered him. In 1862 he joined Company C, Ninth Missouri Infantry, and operated with Gen. Price all through the war, his first fight being at Pea Ridge. Later he was at Elk Horn, Prairie Grove, Wilson's Creek, Pleasant Hill, Jenkins' Ferry, being wounded in the Pleasant Hill fight. After the close of the war he settled in De Soto Parish, where he was married in the month of August, 1865, in Texas to Miss Sarah, daughter of John and Cecilla M. Glover, who were born in South Carolina and Alabama, respectively, coming from the latter State to De Soto Parish, at an early day, their deaths occurring here in 1889, Mr. Glover having been a farmer. Mrs. Hamilton was born in De Soto Parish, and has borne her hus- band nine children, five sons and three daughters now living. Mr. Hamilton rented land for three years after his marriage, then purchased his pres- ent plantation of 620 acres, which is situated four miles east of Mansfield. He has 240 acres cleared, he most of which has been accomplished by his own efforts. He is a member of the Farmers' Al- liance, and he and wife have long been members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

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